• Revival_Josh

The plan

Well, I have some real trouble sleeping. My brain always sems to be rolling on with a thought, idea, potential plan. It's tough to get a word in with myself at times. However, sometimes idea's pop up and I stop. Why? well, because whatever the idea was just kinda makes sense.

Here it goes. Revivl Motoring is going to evolve as we grow, one evolution is going to be this blog. Now I know I have said it many times before digital media is great but it can not take up the entire space and feeling that print media provides. Don't worry the magazine is NOT going anywhere. We are still going to produce it every quarter and in fact proably make more copies of it each time. With that said, there are A LOT of people who missed out on purchasing a copy of earlier issues. Instead of a reprint I decided to slowly release the articles that were printed in the magazine to our blog! They will appear after the magazine has sold out. This will keep the blog rolling as well as provide those who didn't get a hard copy of the magazine the oppurtunity to check out the articles digitally. I think it's a good plan, let's hope you agree!

Stay tuned for the first article soon!





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