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The ChoppaHead Way

Grown in a petri dish of punk rock and hardcore, the guys at Choppahead had one path. The path was long and full of twists and turns. However, it has led them to what is their most polished effort yet. We dive into how and why Choppahead came to be! I sat in the storefront of Choppahead and tried to soak it all in. Multiple choppers aligned the doorway. Each had more detail than my eyes could interpret. Look close, then look again, a stamped logo, a polished finish all playing a small part in bringing the overall builds together. These bikes, however, did not start that way. They were once a pile of parts, raw steel, unfinished, or in need of repair. The point is they were built by hand from the ground up, just like the shop showcasing them. Since 2001 the Choppahead way has been churning out quality builds and creating a footprint on all sides of the world. From Arizona to Japan, their builds have covered miles and been featured countless times. Truth of Choppahead can remember when they were starting out. Banding together to fund builds he, and Jay Medeiros embarked on a journey they could have never imagined. Starting, of course, with personal projects and some help from some old-timers, they began to soak in just what it takes to build the bikes they envisioned. Truth was fortunate enough to land a spot in a rented garage where he started to learn and develop the skills to fabricate the eventual mayhem machines. Jay took to the mechanical side and dove in headfirst to anything and everything Triumph. The combination of fabrication and mechanical know-how paid off almost immediately. One of their first builds landed in the Horse Magazine, which in itself is an accomplishment, let alone how early on in their building careers it occurred. They quickly developed a distinct look to all of their builds; it was a style of their own The Choppahead way. To help things along, they decided to create some clothing, to this day, they continue to produce high-quality threads and even boast some shirts designed by punk and hardcore legend Ric Clayton. They continue to evolve and grow. In the world of motorcycles and mainly choppers, what once was a booming industry has become less mainstream. The Discovery channel shows played a big part in the surge of motorcycle building and everything that came with it. Nowadays, the requests for custom builds are slower, but the daily maintenance and storage of motorcycles help supplement the overhead. The Choppahead shop is in Freetown, MA. The shop location itself played a roll in the development of Choppahead. At one point, Truth and Jay had rented a small portion of the existing site but eventually had to find another location. Years later, the spot popped up for sale, and they did everything they could to strike a deal and land it. This time the whole property was theirs, allowing them to open a storefront and, of course, have a full-fledged fabrication and repair shop. Truth is a man who wants to bring light to the North East scene and industry. The additional space provides ample room to sell their products as well as support others in the industry. What this also allowed them to do was host a monthly bike night to pull the local chopper community together. Riders come from all over once a month to hang out and surround themselves with good people, and rad builds. While this is their biggest shop to date, it certainly doesn't come easy. Truth makes it clear that running and operating a shop is not always smooth and full of frills. There are sacrifices, both Jay and Truth soaked years and years of time, money, and effort into what stands today. Making sacrifices and finding a way to proceed is part of the process. They press on. Why? Because having to answer to no one but yourself is something no monetary value can replicate. Pride runs deep with Choppahead. They built what they have brick by brick and will continue to do so. It is inspiring, and another example of what passion and drive can achieve. They, of course, do have fun while doing it. Lots of fun, some stories are best left untold, but be sure it's not all hard work and no play. Over ten years, they created a series of four DVDs showcasing the chopper scene in various locations and having a hell of a time while doing so. Channeling old school skate video's their DVDs are fast-paced with raw music and interviews mixed in. I highly suggest checking them out. There is also a new project called Choppahead TV that should be debuting soon! The Choppahead shop continued its evolution still in 2018. Recently Jay had decided to move on from being involved in the day to day operations. Truth mentions Jay will always be an integral part of the foundation of Choppahead, and they remain great friends. Family life called to Jay, and it was time to focus his time on them. Rest assured, there is no slowing down for Truth and Choppahead. Nights, weekends, it doesn't matter. When something needs to be done to support the shop, it will get done. They will continue to produce incredible examples of fabrication, design, and function on two-wheels. As with everyone else in this issue, I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Choppahead. I hope many years from now, we can look at an old copy of Revival Motoring and remember that they played a roll in getting us off the ground. I am incredibly grateful that Truth opened the doors to the shop and was so open about everything Choppahead. It was a pleasure listening to the process!

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