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Is this thing on?

For a while, I didn't want to have a blog on the website, the reason being time.

My hands are full with the magazine and podcast, plus website stuff. So what's changed? Nothing, I am still focused on the items mentioned above, but I recruited some help.

Sadie Fortin and Brian Buckley, perhaps those names ring a bell if you're local to the VW Scene here on the east coast. If not, they soon will.

Over the winter, I sat down with Sadie and Brian and had a great discussion about where Revival Motoring was going and precisely what it was going to be.

They will not only be contributing to the magazine but also keeping the blog moving.

We cover many different events, and in some cases, the timing doesn't always work. Rather than hold on to content and wait for the next issue of the magazine, the blog provides a place for those features and articles to live. Sadie and Brian have been a staple in the VW community for a while; they both shoot great images and will provide thought out opinionated content!

I look forward to reading what they have in store!



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