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Heir To The Throne

On the East Coast of the United States lies a kingdom. This kingdom, hidden in plain sight, has stood for over 20 years. A land ruled by The Air-Cooled Porsche King, Richard Sloan. Starting as a hobby, Richard morphed his business into what at times could be considered one of the most extensive collections of Porsches in the US. At times having roughly 90 vintage and rare Porsches. An evolving museum.

What began in his driveway blossomed on to the road in front of Sloan's house. One car leading to another and another. The neighbors might have considered it as overgrown fescue; however, I like to picture it as metallic beauty rising from the pavement. As things began to progress, more cars filled the streets. Friends of Richard had now started asking him to help sell vehicles. Things started getting a bit more serious, a bit more professional. A small space was rented, Richard was now on the path to the Air-Cooled King title.

Brett Sloan, Richard's son, can recall the driveways, the street parked Mercedes wagons, the early days with a small handful of Porsches. What he also remembers is his father's passion for cars, the love he had for doing burnouts, the smile on his Dad's face all while making the neighbors shake their fists at the sky in disapproval. It must have been a fantastic scene.

While Richard continued on his royal path, Brett took a route of creativity by going to school for design. Brett's passion for cars was embedded early on however his mark on the kingdom wouldn't come for some time. When the opportunity presented itself to help his Dad and flex his creative and design muscles Brett got to work. Richard may have been skeptical at first but quickly began to see the importance of consistency in imaging. Brett had always helped his Father around the shop, but this was impactful and brought the Sloan team to its next level of esteem.

A Sloan car comes with a reputation. A reputation of perfection, paint that glistens, body lines sharp enough to cut paper, window stickers still applied from the factory. Sloan cars come of course with a substantial cost however if you're a motoring enthusiast, you'll understand. Can you place a proper monetary value on a gas-powered, air-cooled time machine? Sure we can debate it but what it comes down to is Sloan cars are insights into the history of Porsche that you can physically touch and drive. A prestige low mileage car that only a handful of humans have laid eyes on let alone drive. This is the Empire the Sloan's have built.

From celebrities to Porsche crazed CEO's Richard and Brett would walk the potential buyers into the showroom. Eyes would go wide, mouths agape, inability to coordinate muscle movement would set in. These are typical signs of a Porsche enthusiast, right? Or maybe it was just me. I, fortunately, had the pleasure of stepping through the security doors at Sloan Motors a handful of times. Each of those times I came away thinking the same thing. The Sloan's are fantastic people. Yes, I was surrounded by cars with rich history's that we could spend hours talking about. A Carrera GT, a 959, a one-off Porsche Police car that has traveled more than most people do in a lifetime. My motoring senses being pulled in every direction. Eyes frantically going back and forth wondering where to lead my body next. Once the octane high began to subside there standing in the middle of his kingdom was Richard Sloan and his Porsche powered smile.

That was the first time I had been lucky enough to meet Richard and Brett Sloan. That was nearly ten years ago now. A lot has changed since then. The world is different, advances in technology affect us daily. Things change, get faster and more complicated. The Porsche market has altered significantly. What once was an enthusiast based marketplace has now become more about return on investment versus the thrill of cutting a corner a little to close in your 911. Motoring as we know it may not be around forever. Or at least not the way we do and see things currently. We will, however, adapt and overcome. Brett Sloan knows what it is like to adjust, to overcome to push forward when life throws a sharp corner at you. I say that because in 2016 this kingdom lost its King. Richard Sloan had passed away.

Brett took some time to think. The world had lost a great motoring enthusiast, but Brett lost his Father. Sloan Motors is about family as much as it is about the cars. For years Brett and his Dad not only operated but grew the business together. After some time off the decision was made.

I am happy that Brett decided to continue. There were lots of hurdles. Moving to a new location, making a minor adjustment of the operating name. Dealing with new laws, regulations, and hoops to jump through due to the location change. It all added up, but Brett continued to make it happen and carry on with Sloan Motors. He was the Heir to the Throne, and the kingdom now belongs to him.

The memories of Richard will never fade, Brett's Red 1969 Porsche 911T was a gift from his Father 12 years before his passing. The car is a best friend to Brett. I was fortunate enough to take a ride in it and shoot some photographs. This gift has now continued to give for over 14 years. It was a project that Brett could learn on. It has unmatched paint, bumps, and bruises and Brett wouldn't have it any other way.

In the earlier years of ownership Brett daily drove this 911T. Snow, rain, bitterly cold New York city streets. The companionship of a car is hard to explain. Those who see them as transportation only may never understand a crisp fall morning drive, windows open the sound of combustion guiding you along your journey.

I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Brett and Sloan Motors. I'll be watching and supporting anyway I can. He is a keeper of history, the son of a king and a proper motoring enthusiast.

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