For Sale-Star Road Wheels


Star road glowstar wheels by Work.


15x7.5 A disk et29 front

15x8.5 O disk et29 rear

Tires 195/45/15 Toyo t1r

Custom short center caps

As well as the original caps

Star road is a little known tuning company in Japan that specializes in classic Nissan. The glowstar is a wheel that was designed by the team at star road. The wheels are produced and assembled by work wheels in Japan.

I got them a few years back from one of their exclusive dealers in Japan. I did all the math needed, and the wheels were built to order by the team at work, with forged centers and spun alum barrels and lips. The fronts are 15x7.5 with a disk centers to clear large brakes. The rears are 15x8.5 o disk that have a flatter back to give more dish upfront. The et is 29 on all four corners; with this et and widths, it provides a pretty much perfect fitment for an mk1 or mk2 without the need for spacers. It took almost four months to get them here from Japan, but it was well worth it. They have that classic JDM feel that looks good on just about anything.




Western Massachusetts


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